The Tide has Turned in Maritime Communications

The Globe iFusion® solution is the total integration of all that is needed for today’s shipping operation. A FleetBroadband 250, a least-cost satellite router with provision for additional gateways, GSM network, crew services, applications, network management and remote monitoring and management tools.
i250 i250

Voice & GSM

Your total voice solution

Globe iFusion® offers the a complete satellite voice solution, seamlessly integrating standard voice, GSM, prepaid and postpaid, crew and business.

  • Built in GlobeMobile GSM solution
  • FleetBroadband voice
  • Prepaid & Postpaid in one platform
  • Routing calls over any system

  • FleetBroadband
  • OpenPort
  • VSAT
  • Other
  • Iron Clad Firewall

    Iron Clad, Two Layer Firewall

    Globe iFusion® is designed to be fully secure, controlling all access to the system through a solid shore-controlled firewall.    These settings are replicated to the shipboard Globe i250. 

  • Integrated ship & shore firewall
  • Fully controlled from shore
  • Highly advanced
  • By PC or by user
  • Prevent costly unexpected usage
  • Shipboard Network Router

    Integrated Shipboard Network Router

    The Globe i250 includes 4 LAN ports which can directly connect to shipboard PCs or can interface to an existing shipboard network through a switch.

  • Integrated into Globe i250
  • Up to 4 PCs connected directly
  • Plug & play with existing network
  • Effortless integration
  • Foundation for remote access
  • Complete Satellite Gateway

    Least-Cost Routing Satellite Gateway

    The Globe i250 provides central shipboard gateway control for all communications. The system is configured through the iPortal to route email, Internet, and voice traffic via any IP communications network.

    Connect to any system:
  • Second FBB terminal
  • VSAT
  • Iridium OpenPort
  • WiFi
  • Ultimate IP Optimization

    Advanced, Efficient Acceleration

    Globe iFusion® offers full IP compression and acceleration.  Standard IP communications such as email & file transfers are optimized, and web browsing performance is greatly increased.


  • Advertising content removal
  • Image downsampling
  • Compression
  • Shipboard cache
  • IP Traffic

  • "IP acknowledgement packet" spoofing
  • Data Compression
  • DNS cache
  • FleetBroadband 250

    Fully integrated FB250 Terminal

    Globe iFusion® includes an integrated Inmarsat FleetBroadband 250 terminal and high quality antenna. 

    The system offers all

  • Standard & High Quality voice
  • Fax
  • Streaming IP
  • GPS integrated into FB antenna
  • Full Application Suite

    As part of the Globe iFusion® service, customers have access to the Globe Wireless operation and IT support applications.

  • Prepaid & postpaid email
  • Globe AntiVirus
  • GlobeWeather
  • GlobeLocator
  • GlobeForms
  • Many more
  • Ultimate Crew Solution

    Crew accounts based on GlobeMobile SIM

    Using a Globe Wireless GSM SIM card and an unlocked mobile phone, crew has instant access to voice calling, SMS, email.  

    Best of all, the system is fully self administered.  iFusion® recognizes the SIM and automatically creates an account for the crew.

  • Prepaid GSM Voice, SMS and Emai
  • No administration required
  • Prepaid browsing coming in Phase 2

  • Globe Wireless